We develop HVAC (heat ventilation air conditioning) and ventilation systems solutions for Telecom operators to improve cost of operating on base stations, shelters and equipment basements. Our market is 125 square meters basements and less.

Our products save more than 50% of electricity consumption thanks to natural air distribution Free cooling mode technology.


Our products technologies has been developed over the last 8 years and refined in collaboration with a large telecom operator.

We tested the products with several telecom engineers over one year test period and we proved it energy saving and consumption effectiveness with the free cooling mode technology.

Now, we can offer you HVAC and ventilation systems from 0.5kw to 21kw with an availability approaching 100%.

The MM1 is a HVAC developed for

semi-embedded (WIC) space

This unit is distinguished by it fresh air intake which allows  to cool down with free-cooling and has a life span of 7 to 8 months a year. This unit has a minimal power consumption and is well known for the high quality and low maintenance.

Product Features:

-High efficiency lanced fin design.

-‘’No-hassle’’ 5 year warranty*.

-R-410A, A/C & heat pump compatible.

-All coils have durable packaging with bar coded labels on the box.

-Threaded expansion valves available factory installed or as a field installed kit.

-Coils are air pressure are tested at 500 PSI, leak tested with Helium, sealed with rubber plugs, then charged with dry air.

-Piston options include extremally accessible body for easy piston change out and/or TXV installation.

-Liquid line refrigerant connections are 3/8’’ ODF.

-Suction line refrigerant connections are 7/8’’ ODF.


With more than 1000 units sold, The MMll is dedicated to small (CO). It has the advantage of being quiet condensers with a capacity from 14 to 21 kw.


It has the power saving system Fresh Air (2000 cfm). With this capacity energy savings we are able to provide air conditioning in Free-cooling until 20 degrees Celsius.


Product features:

​- High quality aluminium cabinet*

- Johnson control FX automat with a special formula to maximize the energy savings

- Control remote

- Aluminium shutters high resistance

- Insulated shutters

- Engine shutters

- Expansion valves

- Insulation ARMAFLEX AP

- 2000 CFM ECONO

- 16G cabinet

- Semi-gloss finish

- High strength enamelled

- Maintains simplified

- Scrool compressor

- Oversize condenser (Inverter available)



We bring energy savings to telecom operators


Many Telecom operators have underinvested in air conditioning and ventilation systems for their equipments and most of them use generic technologies. Telecom equipments are moving forward and they produce more and more heat due to increased traffic and newest features such as 5G.

No 1 Our clients need to improve their cost of operating and energy savings. Its a key opportunity in bottom line improvement.


No 2 Our solution has been developed specifically for the need of Telecom operators with natural efficiency brought by free cooling mode.


No 3 Our products save at least minimum 50% electricity cost.






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